Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Dream Interpretation Saved Me

While I was doing research for my next article I came across an article I found very interesting. I usually make it a rule not to reprint articles I find in my research but after reading this one I decided to make an exception to the rule.

I had a strong suicidal tendency after I suffered a tragic car accident when I was 15 years old and the friend who was next to me in the car died instantly. When I was 23 years old and I was pregnant, my 18 year old cousin and my mother in law died in the same week, and after that I became so depressed, insecure and nervous that I started studying the meaning of dreams looking for psychotherapy.

Fortunately I found the solution by learning how to translate my dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, because my suicidal tendency became even stronger then.

I continued Jung's research and even though I didn't imagine I could learn so much, after deciphering the meaning of many dream symbols that he could not explain, I understood the dream messages much better than him, and it was then that my difficult mission began.

I discovered the wild side of the human brain that provokes craziness to our human conscience. Craziness is what pushes the human being towards committing suicide.

A person who can logically think and who has human sensitivity will never commit suicide, because when you commit suicide you kill all the people that care for you and you spread your despair to the entire of humanity. You ruin everything… This is a very cruel action, not only against yourself but against your family, your friends and your community.

If you commit suicide you reveal to us that you despise everyone, you don't care about anything… You simply abandon everyone that depends on you, because you are a coward who cannot solve the problems of your life.

Since I became an expert on dream interpretation according to the scientific method I started curing many people that lived near me, entirely free of charge, offering them human support as a nun. They were desperate people that had many suicidal thoughts.

I even helped the husband of a woman who committed suicide, because her brother was my patient. Her brother and his son were abandoned by his wife, who left with another man. I knew her brother because his mother had a store near mine, so I started helping him overcome his depression and anger after being betrayed, translating his dreams. He was the weak one of the family, while his sister seemed to be very strong.

Translating her husband's dreams, which were all about her, I could understand what had happened to her and why she came to the point of committing suicide. The process is always the same.

Here are the basic steps that lead someone to come to the point of committing suicide:

  1. First of all they suffer in their lives as victims of other people's cruelty.
  2. Then the anti-conscience, their wild and evil, primitive conscience, starts sending them many absurd ideas and feelings, taking advantage of their revolt because they were injured by others.
  3. As they follow the absurd suggestions of the anti-conscience they make many mistakes in life, and in the end they see themselves imprisoned in a labyrinth of problems that have no solution.
  4. The anti-conscience starts then sending them many suicidal thoughts, besides depression and fear.
  5. They completely lose their human conscience, which was destroyed by the absurdity that invaded it. They cannot control their behavior anymore, which means that their primitive side dominates them completely, and they are not responsible for their actions. This is when they commit suicide, without caring about anyone or anything.

I'm glad because you cared about something, since you were looking for ways to commit suicide, and you haven't committed it yet. If you were already totally crazy, you would simply have jumped from the top floor of your building like this woman did, while indifferently passed near her baby who was in the living room to go to the terrace, and jump.

She abandoned her husband and child without piety for them, because her human conscience had been destroyed by the anti-conscience.

If you don't have the courage to commit suicide, this is a very good sign. This means that your human conscience is still alive, and you still have human feelings. You can understand what your suicidal attempt would mean to everyone…

Don't do that. Never commit suicide. Read my articles, which provide you free psychotherapy, and learn how to understand the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your own dreams with my lessons.

Here you see how Dream Interpretation can help you understand and overcome even the most Difficult problems in you life. While Dream Interpretation is not a replacement for professional philological help it is a way to better understand the problems in your life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dream Recall

Dream recall is simply the capability of remembering your dreams. Good dream recall is frequently described as the first step towards lucid dreaming. Improved recall increases awareness of dreams in general; with limited dream recall, any lucid dreams you have can be forgotten completely.To improve dream recall, most people keep a dream journal, writing down any dreams remembered as soon as the dreamer awakens. The purchases of a digital audio recorder can also be very helpful. This will allow the dreamer to record their dreams as quickly as possible as there is a strong tendency to forget what one has dreamed. For best recall, the waking dreamer should keep eyes closed while trying to remember their dream. Describing your dream as if you are still in it can help the writer to recall the events of their dream more accurately Dream recall can also be improved by remaining still after waking up. This may have something to do with REM atonia (the condition of REM sleep in which the motor neurons are not stimulated and thus the body's muscles do not move). Likewise, the dreamer may be able to recall certain events of their dream by testing different sleeping positions. Another easy technique to help improve dream recall is to repeat to yourself (in thoughts or out loud) "I will remember my dreams," before falling asleep.